If someone make fun of you.

Why i am writting this blog?

  1. Frankly speaking i have been there ,use to hate it earlier but made my way through it somehow.
  2. Hope that this blog may help one or two of you.

How to handle situations when you are made fun of?

  1. If someone makes fun of your physical appearence.

  • Just laugh it off first.
  • Do not show how much pissed you actually are. 
  • Make one or two comments of your own which supports his/her sentence about you and make sure  that they are actually hillarious.(through this way people around you will assume that this fact no longer effects your feeling or hurt your sentiments) and automatically they’ll turn the subject around.
  • People usually make fun of that person who easily gets irritated when made fun of , if you somehow are able to handle the situation  a bit differently that is by a fun way then you’ll be off the hook soon, not immediately but soon.

    2.If someone makes fun of your work.

    • In life you’ll always meet people that will make fun of your work, some out of jealously, some simply because they are better then you .
    • Firstly you should never take them seriously because that will just demoralise you.
    • Secondly when they make fun of your work just deal with it dont get frustated and take actions which aren’t necessary.
    • Ask for their advice and help( this will make them think that they are superior to you? Yes this is what you want ) through this was you’ll get advice and help that will improve your work and since it is now part of their creativity too, they no longer will be able to make fun of it.

      3.If someone makes fun of your future career.

      • Listen to their comments properly and quitely.
      • Appretiate them for their career choice tell them that you never think that much of your career. You just love it so you want to make this choice.
      • Dont find ways to tell them how cool or financially stable your career is (this will just make them think that you are obsessed with your career and they will make more fun of you).
      • Play cool with it keep updated with the stuff related to your career. You should be ready when someone asks any query about your career.(through this one can see the confidence in you which will help you).

      4.If someone makes fun of your financial status.

      • Put a nice normal smile on your face *not the creepy one* show them that you dont actually give a damn of how much money you make.
      • Normally in a conversation start comparing yourself with people who are beneath you and tell how comfortable our lives are but play cool with it, dont forcefully start a chat like this think of something that can lead the conversation to this topic
      • When someone makes fun  of your financial status never argue with that person, i mean never tell them how much you make or earn just to show off ( this will just make a fool out of you).  

      Hope you all liked it, this is my first blog so i am really sorry if there are some mistakes in it.